Privacy Policy

1win pro India has developed a privacy policy that applies to those services and products presented on the official website and mobile version. This document contains statements about the reasons and purpose of the policy, how data is collected and analyzed, and client rights.

Anyone who wants to create an account in this online casino must first carefully study this document and then confirm their agreement with it. If the user does not agree, he must leave the page, as most of the services will not be available to him.

The company’s management draws players’ attention to the fact that the privacy policy is a flexible agreement, which can be supplemented with new articles from time to time. Clients should review this document occasionally to avoid any misunderstandings in the future. However, the organization strives to provide advance notice of adjustments.

Privacy policy of 1win India

Data groups

1win online website obtains various facts about customers which helps the company to identify them and offer relevant products. Each category differs in content, as well as in the method of obtaining it:

  • Information provided by the player. As a rule, these are any private details specified during registration or profile verification. These are the basic facts that identify a player;
  • Information collected automatically. This makes special servers for institutions that help find out the user’s location, the type of device and browser used, settings, and so on;
  • Information from other sources. An organization can use publicly available materials or contact banking institutions to obtain additional data.

Policy objectives

The procedures carried out concerning the private details of players are necessary to achieve goals beneficial to both the gambling establishment and clients:

  • The organization may provide communication between the help desk and the user;
  • The institution can check the activities of players for offenses;
  • The Company may monitor user activity per responsible gaming;
  • 1win pro India can identify the preferences and needs of players and improve the services provided;
  • An organization can help the marketing department perform its tasks more effectively;
  • The institution can analyze its activities and develop a strategy for the new period.

Client rights

Since clients’ private information is subject to various manipulations, they have special rights in this regard:

  • Know exactly what data is stored in the 1win pro India archive;
  • Request that some information be corrected if it is inaccurate or incomplete;
  • Be against the processing of private details if it concerns only the legitimate interests of the institution;
  • Make a request to stop procedures regarding personal information, if this does not contradict the provisions of the policy;
  • Withdraw consent to data processing;
  • Limit marketing messages and other advertising;
  • Complain to a local or international data protection institution.

To exercise their rights, the user must contact customer support at [email protected]. Before an institution agrees to the implementation of any right, it may require the provision of relevant evidence.

Safe environment

1win Pro India is committed to ensuring that the platform is a safe place for all players. And the safety of private data is undertaken to be ensured through certain technical measures:

  • Using modern encryption methods. SSL and TSL ciphers allow you to securely encrypt both personal and financial information;
  • Restricting access among employees. 1win pro India has a special department that interacts with the private details of users. In addition, they sign a special confidentiality agreement;
  • Using a multi-level network security system. The company cooperates with the best security system providers, which makes each level of the network more reliable;
  • Conducting regular safety checks. Specialized employees check the visit log daily and record suspicious activity.